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Coppolella skateboarding x spazio 211

Spazio 211 is one of the oldest live music club in Turin.

Meet the rider: Kevin Aracri

Hi Kevin, tell us more about yourself: who you are, where you come from, how old you are. We met in Skate Farm and the brand is particularly linked to that park and to all the people who revolve around that reality and I guess you too. Tell us about your experience. Hi, I’m Kevin,…

Meet the rider: Davide Degli Agosti

Davide tell us something about yourself, how old are you and where are you from? Hello everyone! I’m Davide, I’m  19 years old from Crema, a small town 30 minutes away from Milan. I was lucky enough to become passionate about skateboarding 7 years ago, when nobody liked it in my area, so I grew…


China focuses on made in Italy streetwear: the corporation Peacebird, among the Asian leaders in the fashion retail sector, acquires the majority stake of Coppolella, as seen on fashion network, business of fashion and MFfashion The goal of the operation is to bring the young Italian label, founded by Paolo Coppolella and born in Milan…

Now on youtube

Coppolella Skateboarding is now on youtube with its latest campaign. Take a virtual tour with us of the best skatespots in Milan and more. In the meanwhile you can browse our newest drops available on and Link:

Meet the rider: Fabio Emilcare

Fabio was the last riders to join the Coppolella Skateboarding family, thanks to Felipe of SkateFarm, let’s get to know him better.