Meet the rider: Davide Degli Agosti

by Coppolella Peacebird on July 16, 2021

Davide tell us something about yourself, how old are you and where are you from?

Hello everyone! I’m Davide, I’m  19 years old from Crema, a small town 30 minutes away from Milan. I was lucky enough to become passionate about skateboarding 7 years ago, when nobody liked it in my area, so I grew as a self-taught skater. After a couple of years, I transmitted the love for this discipline to my friends, who still accompany and support me ’til death.

Tell us about your work, for a skater it must be absurd, right?

Working in a skate shop for me has always been a dream and in particular, the place where I work is the same one where I used to buy cool clothes. I’ve always been a bit “different” from my social circle and hip hop music, skate and graffiti kind of fascinated me since then. People who were in this kind of environment looked like more like a family with a life vision that really impressed me. And the small store where I work now was the meeting point. They always supported and believed in me, the day Alexander (the boss) proposed me to work for them I started to cry, I felt blessed.



How old were you when you started skating? Do you remember your first board?

I started skating at 13 years old, I’ve always been kind of sporty. My first board was a Jart I purchased in the shop where I work now.

How long have you been part of the Coppolella Team? What does this experience represent for you?

I’m part of the team for 3 years and it was very helpful for my personal growth and as well on the skateboarding side. I’ve always felt motivated and supported and pushed to do more. The guys are fantastic, they are amazing skaters and amazing people.

Last closed trick?


Which trick are you going to close next?

I have been trying BS tailside BS flip out for days and I’m almost there.

Last song listened to?

Lately, I’m on the Atlanta trap wave, young thig, Lil Baby, etc

Favorite spot?

Courthouse Los Angeles

Favorite food?

Pizza, no doubts.

Where would you like to go on tour with the Coppolella team?

A tour in Spain would be amazing.