Meet the rider: Enea Bertoli

by Coppolella Peacebird on July 16, 2021

Hello Enea! Welcome to the Coppolella team, we are very happy that you are now part of this crazy family! Tell us who you are and where you come from and everything you want to tell us to get to know you better.
Hello, my name is Enea Bertoli, I come from Bra in the province of Cuneo, I am ten years old, I don’t just skate but I also play drums, I have four cats. In the winter when I can, I do snowboarding and in the summer I do surf.

How old were you when you started skating?
I started skating at 5 and a half, I really liked it and I continued and I still enjoy it

Can you describe the sensations you feel while skating? Many children could love skateboarding thanks to your experience.
I always feel happy and enthusiast when I skate, especially when I close a new trick.

Last trick closed?
My last closed trick is the backside lipslide

Do you already know which one will be the next?
Next will be flip indy which I’m working on…

Tell us your experience of the various contests you have already participated in.
My experience in the various contests is all based in Italy, I often went to the podium but always on the mini ramp and in the bowl.

Now let’s get to know you better: your favorite dish? What music do you listen to? Favorite spot ever?
The pizza, absolutely! I listen to metal a lot and a trap, a little. The Almese pool.

Thanks Enea! We hope to see you grow in the team, always so smiling and happy! W skateboarding!