Meet the rider: Fabio Emilcare

by Coppolella Peacebird on July 16, 2021

Fabio was the last riders to join the Coppolella Skateboarding family, thanks to Felipe of SkateFarm, let’s get to know him better.

Fabio tell us something about yourself, how old are you and where are you from?

Yo! I’m Fabio and I’m Swiss, from Canton Ticino. I live in a small town called Gordola which is near Locarno. I am 23 years old and I was born and raised here in Italian Switzerland, but I have 100% Italian blood since I have both Neapolitan and Sicilian grandparents, nice combo eh!? Ha ha.

Besides skate I love mountains and rivers of my area, where I spend a lot of my free time, especially when I can’t skate due to injuries.

How old were you when you started skating? Do you remember your first board?

Around 10 years old, I saw my neighbors doing flip in flat and from there I fell in love with the board.  I started by stealing the skate from my neighbor’s cellar, then I remember that my sister’s ex had given me a few poor and destroyed set ups and as they say it was “better than nothing”! The first real skate came after a year and a half that I skated flat every day. It was Christmas and I asked for a real set up. I also remember the brands: Flip classic board, Tensor trucks, Spitfire wheels and Elements bearings. I was thrilled!


Last trick closed?

Just a few days ago I started trying nollie bs heel 360 in a bank under the bridge. It seemed that it wasn’t coming out but in the end the lucky try arrived and I brought this NBD home. It was a cool day with the Bellinzonese legends and the Luganesi friends of POOR sb.

What trick are you going to close next?

I have several in mind, but I have two spots that I want to take home this year. One is a 10-step rail where I want to mentally unlock myself with all the tricks, the second is an ollie in a very long double set that is located in Lugano. Let’s see how it will end!

You lived in Mexico for a long time, tell us about the local scene there.

The skate scene in the area where I lived is very lively, I skated a lot with the Tropi.Co skate crew. There is also madero 3/4, a skateshop that pushes the local scene a lot with sponsorships and events, I also got to know the legend “Pekas” take a look at his flip “gap de locos”. Absolutely out of this world.

Any anecdote from your “Mexican” period?

haha once it happened that I was skating with friends in a very posh area, when suddendly one of the security guards of the area came out of nowhere. He was going to keep us there while  waiting for the police so we ran away. We didn’t know however, that he had already called the police at that point and that they were everywhere, so we ran away from all sides and I, unlucky, found myself chased by 3 running policemen and a patrol. I managed to hide in a building under construction. After a while I heard them say “ya no està por acà” (it’s not here anymore) they left and I managed to escape from the basement and going out from another side. Haha

Last song listened to?

Lately, in my Panda (n.b. A famous fiat vehicle) I often listen to Pat Boone’s Speedy Gonzales, old school and good vibes!

Favorite spot?

Lately, among the favorites in my area there is the Piazza del Sole in Bellinzona which has a small gap, beautiful waxed ledges, manual pads and lots of beautiful people.

Your favourite dish?

I am a vegetarian and there are some veggie cordon bleau that I love. They are delicious. In Mexico instead I love los sopes with huitlacoche.

How did you deal with the quarantine period? Were you able you skate?

I experienced the first part of the quarantine kind of late compared to you in Italy because I was in Mexico. We stayed on the street as long as we could, then when the situation got worse I skated the flat outside and a kicker made with the trash found around haha. Here in Switzerland I can say that I am lucky enough to live in a very small village with few people, with areas where I could be alone doing some tricks. It went pretty well at the end.

Where would you like to go on tour with the Coppolella team?

I still don’t know, there are many countries here in Europe that I haven’t visited yet. Especially Nordic countries, but there is also a plaza in Austria, in Innsbruck I want to skate since a long time. If one day we can organize to go to Mexico I could bring the team to the spots I know.