Meet the rider: Fulvio Bonafè

by Coppolella Peacebird on July 16, 2021

How long have you been a rider of Team Coppolella? Do you remember how it started?

For a while now! It has been 3 years, from May 2017. I remember one day I was at the park and Paolo (n.b. Coppolella’s creative director) appeared out of nowhere haha, I was skating and he noticed me among others. He told me about the brand and vaguely explained what the project was. There was no team yet, I would have been the first driver … I was very excited! A few days later he contacted me on Facebook and sent a ton of T-shirts and hoodies, I remember that I was on a school trip to Prague and my mom called me to tell me that a box arrived, I couldn’t wait to come back to see all clothes ahaha

Which is the last song you listened to?

I’m listening to a lot of French rap at the moment. Before lunch today I listened to “T’étais ou?” by Moha La Squale, I’m obsessed.

Your favorite product of the brand?

Well, there are many, basically all the hoodies and of the T-shirts maybe the Pizza / Pasta one ahah. I really loved the first collection and the shirts “NOTHING” and “SORRY BUT NO” because they were the first that I received and I wore them a lot and when I ripped them while skating I received new ones haha, Coppolella always supported me in a great way

What do you study and what do you want to be when you grow up?

Ehm… good question haha! Before Corona Virus I was attending Graphic design in Brera (Milan), I liked it but during the quarantine I didn’t follow any online lesson and I am now a bit lost. At the moment I’m looking for a job and I decided to drop out of school to start again next year, let’s just say that I had a bit of messy shit going on, but I love Milan and I think I’ll be back soon. The skate scene is absurd compared to the province that live in, there are a lot of strong and brilliant people, I can’t wait to go back to skate there!

Favourite skate spot?


Your favourite dish?

Pizza … like a good “itagliano” haha

Last closed trick?

Frontside flip from the stairs at the the skatepark in Vercelli … uUnfortunately it was 2 months ago, before the quarantine, now I am practically no longer skating. Sometimes we go to the skatepark with masks and we climb over the bar, but everything it’s still closed for the Virus. A guy almost got a 400 euros fine a few days ago because they caught him skating inside … so, better be careful, we need to skate with caution.

Which trick are you going to close next?

I have in mind some lines to film for Instagram, you will see, you will see … haha. Maybe later when we will able to, I’d like to film something on the streets, possibly outside Vercelli because there is practically nothing but the skate park

Do you remember your first skateboard? How old were you?

My very first skateboard was a toy infact haha, it was branded “Hotwheels” made in plywood and I was 9 years old. Then a few years later around 11 years old I had a couple of Decathlon boards, one of those two I still have it, hanging in my room. I haven’t stopped skateboarding since then.

What does the brand represent for you?

For me this brand represents the last years of skateboarding, since it has supported me from 2017 to today! It has always motivated me greatly and I have established an excellent relationship with Paolo and the other riders of the team, so I will never stop thanking them! 

Where would you like to go on tour with the Coppolella team?

My dream is Barcelona haha, I’ve never been there but I know well the most famous spots and I know that it’s the city with the best skate movement in Europe. I was supposed to go there for a week in April with two of my friends, but with the quarantine unfortunately we weren’t allowed … we had already paid for the flight and the apartment…fuck! However apart from this, I believe that if we had to do a Tour in Italy, Liguria should be the first step: there are many spots and it’s close for everyone (except for Fabio who now lives in Mexico haha!)