Zhu Jingyi X Coppolella "Street is Dead"

by Coppolella Crew on August 20, 2021


Zhu Jingyi is committed to the research and creation of the graphics of the ancient Chinese mythology system and the breakthrough in the language of traditional Chinese painting materials. Although he was born in ink and wash, he has devoted his creation to the fantasy narrative realm and the construction of the new material landscape artistic conception in a unique way. . In COPPOLELLA's view, Zhu Jingyi's artistic style is a wonderful fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Both his calligraphy and paintings show the unique artistic conception of the East and the visual impact and abstraction of Western art. However, the current street culture has already broken through the confinement of Eastern and Western concepts due to the popularization of the Internet and social media, and has become a lifestyle pursued by the younger generations all over the world. Therefore, this cooperation is based on the concept of "STREET IS DEAD". At the moment when street culture is widely spread, "STREET IS DEAD" is the doubt raised by COPPOLELLA as a skateboard brand in this era-whether street culture still exists. COPPOLELLA specially invited Chinese independent visual creatives and independent musicians to jointly create a series of conceptual images of the joint multiplication. The COPPOLELLA x Zhu Jingyi joint project brings a total of 5 T-Shirt designs. In addition to the styles printed with "STREET IS DEAD" prints, Zhu Jingyi reinterprets ancient mythological characters with very personal style strokes. The printed T-Shirt incorporates the silhouette of the COPPOLELLA Velociraptor, while using ancient mythological characters with an abstract "POWER" design to emphasize the core of this project