Deborah Tommasini x Coppolella Skateboarding

Introduce yourself to the Coppolella universe: tell us who you are, what you do, where you come from.
My name is Deborah Tommasini, I’m an illustrator, comic book artist and writer. I was born in Italy in 1991from European and Asian origins. In my works I manage to have a multifaceted style in both drawing and writing, moving from works with a strong social impact to more lively and playful themes.

Would you like to tell us about our collaboration too? Don’t let me work too hard please :”’D
The collaboration was born with an intense vitality and desire to create something cheerful and lively. A capsule in pastel tones to show a hypothetical universe focused on the world of the brand, where the main characters are anthropomorphic animals (to give a universal image of those who buy products) who live their everyday life in the Coppolella world.

At the very beginning, this capsule collection was intended only for the Asian market but your style, the design and the work we’ve done together liked so much and for this reason, we decided to select some products and propose them here in Europe through this e-commerce. Excited?
I’m extremely happy that this collaboration has been loved. Knowing that some products will be sold in Europe excites me so much, especially because it is a new experience for me and because anyone who follows my work can buy the products of my collection.

You are an illustrator and comic writer: you create and develop fantastic stories. What was it like doing it but on other media like an entire collection of clothes, with products that are unrelated to each other?
Working for this collection was like writing a story, because I created two main characters (born from my logo and the logo of the brand) with well designated behaviours and I contextualized the environments where they live their hypothetical “adventures”. The collection includes a story, illustration and comics strips. I managed to bring together all my work areas, to be applied on clothes collection. Each product is a small piece of the puzzle that together create the whole world of “Coppolella Street”.

I really can’t choose my favorite product from the collection. And you?
It’s hard to choose, but I have to admit I’m particularly satisfied of the pink hoodie with the street illustration, because I love that pink and it represents very well the little world I created.

How does this wonderful “love story” between our humanized logos end?
I gave to it a nice open ending!

Do you have other projects in progress? Tell us!
Since this was a wonderful experience with Coppolella brand, I would like to work with fashion world again, but continuing with the work in my niche and addressing the social themes that are very important for me.